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Friday, April 19, 2019
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About the Library

The River Oaks Library opened in 1959 on the corner of Hwy. 183 (River Oaks Blvd.) and Glenwick. In 1988 the new city complex was built, and the new library was added on the west end of the city complex. The library is supported by the taxpayers of River Oaks.

About River Oaks

River Oaks, Texas, in Tarrant County is home to some 6,985 residents. River Oaks is 5 miles NW of downtown Ft. Worth. River Oaks is strategically located in a prime location, close to downtown Ft. Worth and the western loop 820.


Jennifer Neathery, Library Director

Anna Lee

Bennie Stone

Elaine Hankins

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Contact the Library
  • Address: 4900 River Oaks Blvd.
    River Oaks, Texas 76114
  • Phone: (817) 624-7344
  • Fax: (817) 624-6214
  • Email: library@riveroakstx.com

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