History Hall



The research was underway and the quest began to find the location of where the original pump stood and then to try to find a replacement.    

The location of the original pump was located with the help from the memories of several "old timers" and a modern dohickey called a metal detector.  Sure enough, was found right where they said it was, much to the "old timers" delight.  Dedicated Historical Society members then went out for weeks & weeks, to search the neighboring towns for miles around to locate a pump as close to the original as possible.   

Everything began to fall in place like it was destined to be. Arrangements and plans were then finalized to dedicate the old pump to the school.  The senior citizens present relived fond memories while the younger ones looked on and made new ones . . . .


May 25th, 2000 - 9am

Historic Old Pump Dedication


  The dedication was held on the last day of school, where the children could take part and witness a bit of history about the school and the only source of water that the school had in the early years.



Principal Kathy Nicholson - Dressed in 1901 "school marm" clothes helped the children to better understand how the teachers of the early schools dressed.  The children loved it.  Karen Corley also dressed in clothes of that era. 


The H.V. Head Family, attended the event with 4 generations represented who had been raised in River Oaks.

Back row L-R: Mary Sue Head ?, Henry, ? , & Pauline (Mom).

Lower row:  ?, ?, & ?



Historical Society Officers & Award Recipients. 



Awards were given to those who had key roles in helping to get the job done.

Back row-men: Tommy Thompson (drew up a possible design that lead to final design), Tracy Upchurch (design & brick work-donated time, labor & material!),     Don Wilson (designed architectural original layout of structure), Wayne Butler (located underground original shaft with metal detector, then searched extensively and found replica of original old pump.

Officers- ladies across front:L-R Treasurer-Sherri Dast, 2nd Vice-Shirley Bloomfield, 1st Vice Linda Claridge & President-Mary Earwood.


Getting ready for liftoff.....of the 100 balloons to signify the 100 years of the Castleberry Schools.



        LIFTOFF !  and  GONE !